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My name is Adam and over the last 30 years, I have managed to impact a number of market segments; commercial lighting, power-conditioning systems, battery energy storage, smart city technology, landscape, architectural interior surfaces and for 10 years selling strategic management services to the three tiers of government, specifically local government.

All using the same methodology across all these sectors.

I love to hunt for new business. It's like the game we play during the week.  And there is an incredible sense of satisfaction taking a customer from nothing to something important in your business. I still speak to customers and colleagues from 10 years ago and they’re still customers.

You certainly can buy a list of contacts if you like, but what do you really know about the customer and spamming them is illegal and damages your brand. 

I am a commissioned abstract artist, sloppy poet, love fencing with swords. I dress differently because I think differently. As a proudly bald man, I wear hats to protect my head. They’re my haircuts and I have more hats than days in the week. 

If I believe in you and your product value proposition, I would love to represent you. Contract, part time, fixed fee or even commission based, I will find the customers and projects for you.

I have a range of consultancy fees available. If you would like to engage me, reach out and I can send you a fee proposal

Thank you with gratitude



Creative Director and Artist