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Art that Tells your Story

One of my key personal strengths and abilities is empathy. I spend a lot of time thinking about my art and what it means to me and the meaning I am trying to convey. Over the 2 commissions I have worked on, both pieces of art tell a story about the clients. 

The process is we talk, I ask you questions and ideas about your life. If you are in Melbourne, taking a walk through your house helps too, to pick up on an idea you may not think about. We discuss colours and then we start. 

Kraki's Story

I co-host a social get together at Littlefoot Bar and Kitchen in Footscray on the 2nd Thursday of every month and Kraki has been a regular attendee in 2023. Over the course of the year we have developed a connection and I knew his health wasn't good but thought he was on the recovery phase.  Kraki messages me one day and says that he wants to commission a piece of art before he dies. 

I replied, "Of course, no dramas!" 

"I have less than 6 months to live......" he adds

Wow, it hit me suddenly.  He described to me what he wanted, colours, themes, ideas and over the course of the month ahead we finished this piece together. A privilege and honour that a dying man would like a painting from me. 

billie's story

I've  known Billie since I was 19. On-line dating reconnected us 25 years later as we quizzed each other about theatre lighting and Adelaide.  We discovered that the tall chorus line tap-dancer for 42nd Street, a touring Broadway musical, was the same Billie that I played 8-ball with in the green room of the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

In early 2020, Billie commissioned me to paint something that was representative of the things that were important to her; wine, family, friends, love and music and in colours that were bright.